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Scutellaria Extract(Baicalin)

CAS No. 21967-41-9 Ingredients baicalin
Appearance Pale yellow powder Methods HPLC
Spec 85% Package 25kg/Drum
Shelf life Two years


Name: Baicalin
CAS No.: 21967-41-9
MDL: MFCD00134418
CAS Name: 5, 6-Dihydroxy-4-oxygen-2-phenyl-4H-1-benzopyran-7-beta-D-glucopyranose acid
Molecular formula: C21H18O11
Molecular weight: 446.4

Physical Property
Baicalin, a kind of flavonoid compound extracted from the root of scutellaria, has significant biological activity. It is very soluble in N and N- dimethylformamide and pyridine, and soluble in sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and other alkaline solutions. Baicalin is unstable in lye and will gradually have the color changed into dark brown, then, it will be slightly soluble in hot glacial acetic acid, insoluble in formic acid, acetic acid and acetone, and almost insoluble in water, ether, benzene and chloroform; the melting point is 223 -225 ℃.

This plant extract is from the dried root of such medicinal plant as Labiatae scutellaria baicalensis Georgi.

Application.pngApplication Filed

1. Pharmaceutical industry
Baicalin can be produced into capsule or other medicine used for the treatment of acute hepatitis with/without jaundice, and chronic hepatitis.

2. Daily chemical industry
As one of the commonly used medicinal preparations, baicalin extract can be made into the skin care cosmetic for the prevention and treatment of acne, the sunscreen cream, the freckle removal and whitening moisturizer, the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle essence, the medical product used for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis, the lotion for external use, etc.

Specification and Quality Control Index
HERBALTONE is capable of producing baicalin products and scutellaria extracts with different specifications. Also, we are willing to carry out production according to customized specifications and quality requirements. Our quality control index includes trait, content, loss on drying, ash value, heavy metal limit, pesticide residue limit, microbial limit, etc.; other items of quality control index can be added based on customer needs.






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