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Panax Notoginseng Root Extract

Ingredients Notoginseng triterpenes Appearance Brown Fine powder
Methods HPLC Spec 60%
Package 25kg/Drum Shelf life Two years

Description.pngWhat's Notoginseng Triterpenes

Product Name: Panax Notoginseng Root Extract

Latin Name: Panax notoginseng(Burk.)

English Name: Notoginseng

Part Used : Root

Appearance: Yellow-brown powder

Detection Method: HPLC

Panax notoginseng is a species of the genus Panax. The scientific names for the plant commonly used are either Panax notoginseng or Panax pseudoginseng, and is most commonly referred to as notoginseng. The herb is also referred to as pseudoginseng, and in Chinese it is called ), Tienchi ginseng, san qi or sanchi,and mountain paint. Notoginseng belongs to the same scientific genus as Asian ginseng. In Latin, the word panax means "cure-all", and the family of ginseng plants is one of the most well-known herbs. Panax pseudoginseng is not an adaptogen like the better known Panax species, but it is famous as a hemostatic herb that both invigorates and builds blood.

Notoginseng grows naturally in China and Japan. The herb is a perennial with dark green leaves branching from a stem with a red cluster of berries in the middle. It is both cultivated and gathered from wild forests, with wild plants being the most valuable. The Chinese refer to it as "three-seven root" because the plant has three branches with seven leaves each. It is also said that the root should be harvested between three and seven years after planting it.

Main Function.pngWhat's the function of Notoginseng Triterpenes?

(1)Expanding blood vessel, improving blood, restraining blood platelet collecting and increasing brain blood stream.

(2)Used in sequela of palsy hemiplegia.

(3)Having good curative effect on lung and heart diseases.

(4)Curing coronary heart disease and Hyper lipidemia.

(5)having good effect on curing brain infarct.

Application.pngWhat's the Application of Notoginseng Triterpenes?

1. Applied in food field.

2. Applied in health product field.






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