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She win the Nobel Prize,why?



You You Tu engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine research many years, highlighting the contribution is to create new antimalarial artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin. She successfully extracted to a formula of C15H22O5 of colorless crystals, named artemisinin. In 1972. September 2011, the discovery of artemisinin - a drug used to treat malaria, saving millions of lives the world, particularly in developing countries get the Lasker Award and GSK China R & D Center "Life Science Outstanding Achievement Award ". October 2015, You You Tu won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, on the grounds that she found artemisinin, the drug can effectively reduce malaria mortality. She became the first Nobel Prize

eligible science class Chinese.


You You Tu is the first woman to win the Nobel science prizes local Chinese scientists, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Chinese scientists

The first inventor of Artemisinin antimalarial drugs Malaria is a serious hazard worldwide epidemic, over hundred countries in the world's 300 million people infected with malaria. Since The 1960s, chloroquine and other existing antimalarial drug resistance and because of the malaria parasite to this failure. A time when the Vietnam War, prompting the international community urgently to find a new structure type antimalarials. In the country (who made "523" to organize the screening of the seven provinces and more than 3200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, some people did Artemisia annua, considered invalid and abandoned), foreign (American invasion of Vietnam war combined with the need, up to three hundred thousand kinds of screening compounds) Under a lot of work has not been successful, leading to the modern scientific research group inherit and carry forward the motherland medicine heritage as the guiding ideology, finishing the ancient medical books from the system, herbal start collecting more than two thousand kinds of herbs, based on the induction codified as "antimalarial Recipe Collection ", and from selected more than 200 herbs, organized screening. After the development of more than 380 samples, with particular reference to the experience of ancient medicine, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty? Ge Hong's "elbow Emergencies" annua "wringer" taking the cut malaria recorded, taking into account temperature, digestion and other factors, the continuous improvement of the extraction method, antimalarial artesunate finally successful in 1971 excavations.


It found effective parts and effective monomer - artemisinin, malaria rat, monkey malaria have 100% of antimalarial. The large number of extraction of effective parts respectively and artemisinin monomer, for drug safety studies and their own clothes again after 1972, in 1973 the first malaria endemic areas in Hainan Changjiang clinical studies have proven satisfactory than chloroquine, anti- malaria drugs - artemisinin was born.

You You Tu and other aspects isolated artemisinin since 1972 to study the chemical structure of monomer after artemisinin, has the collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biophysics, end-X- diffraction method to determine the three-dimensional artemisinin structure. Artemisinin is a tool through the new sesquiterpene lactone oxy group, but also a completely different structure with the past antimalarial new antimalarial drugs, breaking the past that the "nitrogen-containing heterocyclic antimalarial must" assert . For this reason the discovery of artemisinin can be resolved not only found a new drug-resistant malaria, and to find new antimalarial opened up a new way. By country collaboration, verify cases of more than two thousand, confirmed as "efficient, quick, low toxicity" of antimalarial drugs, especially chloroquine against falciparum malaria with special effects.






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